About us

We of this Academy aspire that we provide the best education possible to everyone.

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About Us

Rosatom Academy

We of this Academy aspire that we provide the best education possible to everyone. Yet, one wonders why today, education seems to be going astray? Where is the current education system leading us and our next generation? Even with all the subjects presented to be more accessible to the public, people are still facing problems one after the other. And these problems are not even related to the subject.

It is about life.

Less than a quarter of the total population says that they are satisfied with their life. Education is still there, but it is not about education that is wrong. It is the system that is created. This is the reason why we have created this university and change it from the bottom – by prioritizing what the younger generation really needs in order to be more dependent on themselves as they graduate from school.
The reason why it is the current education system that has been the reason for people getting nowhere in life is that they weren’t taught how to deal with problems effectively. They were only taught how to take high scores in tests, and get good grades. This doesn’t mean to say it is bad to get high scores and good grades. The main problem with this kind of system is that it is teaching youths to do find the correct answer and they will be rewarded. Getting the wrong answer, and you will get a demerit. The fear underlying in this system is that when a child commits failure, it is wrong. And when they keep on doing this kind of system over and over again until the child grows up, it has already permeated in their subconscious that they must do the ‘right’ thing in order to get rewarded. But the ‘right’ thing here is in the tests – to get high scores. What about solving problems in life? This is the reason majority of the people today are still not satisfied with their lives.
The current educational system is teaching the current generation that failure is bad, not as a form of teaching them how to find solutions. Failure is actually the best teacher for each person because it will teach them what to do and not do the next time they meet the same situation. They will be able to come up with a solution and pass it on to the next.
In this day and age, the responsibility on the number of students failing in schools lies heavily on educators than the students. Not all educators will agree to this because they will find a lot of reasons to argue that students are just being lazy and would prefer blaming the teachers. However, the number of an educational institution has gradually recognized that this kind of education should no longer continue and must address what is really wrong with today’s education system.
It is because of this reason that being an educator in Finland is both challenging and exciting. They get to teach the students what is proper education really is.

The Education System in Finland

The education system that most schools and universities are using today are, according to the education system in Finland, an archaic practice.

The new education system

Today's Generation

It is no longer applicable to the generation today because they need a different kind of system that will work for them. And this education system is about teaching every kid in the class to teach themselves. And the very core of that education is learning to trust themselves and those around them.

The system shift

Not all schools can follow

Not all schools and various educational institutions can agree with this kind of system and it will be difficult for other schools to follow because they are used to the systems of subjects and high scores in tests. However, various new schools today are adopting a new kind of education system, which is based mostly on Steiner education.

The new system founder

Rudolf Steiner

This educational institution is slowly adapting to Steiner education, which is an education system founded by Rudolf Steiner. It based on educational philosophy by the man himself, who is also the founder of anthroposophy. It emphasizes on the imagination of learning and the strive for integrating the practical, artistic and intellectual development among students.

Facing the challenge

On the educator's part

It can be difficult for most educators today to fully grasp the idea of teaching the students to teach themselves to learn from mistakes. They are facing the challenge of changing their system so as to address the problem of why many people are still failing in life, despite graduating from prestigious schools.