Advantages of RIM Molding Products

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The benefits to reaction injection molding (RIM) products over the same items fabricated from woods, plastics, and metals are many. The color variability, flexibility, durability, affordable costs and scheduling of RIM molding are worth describing.

Durability of RIM products

One of the major selling point on the advantages of products made from reaction injection molding (RIM) is their durability. Polyurethanes are made from mixing two liquids, which is the combination of a resin mixture and polyisocyanate component. The mixture takes place in a pressure chamber capable of withstanding about 2000 psi. The pressure of the component is one of the factors that determine the hardness of the final product, thus a product of high psi the harder the final product.

Color Variability of RIM products

Making your product to be specific and identifiable to your business with personalized color is among the great benefits of using the reaction injection molding (RIM). There are two puzzles of Rim available for purchase, there is a raw option with no addition of color and the option with color included in one of them. In order to have personalized colors, formulation of dyes is possible, just so it can match the exact color you need. The color can be introduced on a third string as mixing is occurring or on the first string, right before the component are mixed in the pressure chamber. The addition of colors on the third string is actually the most preferred option, this is because the color is best matched and it is a quick and easy option for manufacturers if they intend on changing colors.

Cost of RIM products

So far, the benefits of RIM molding includes how affordable the process is. By having quality operators and by using precise tooling procedures, it is an ideal option if you intend on producing over-sized, large items in low quantities. If you also want to produce high-volume products, this is the most preferred option. In order to realize the benefits of the RIM molding technology, it is advised that you have your company aligned with a Rim manufacturer that can provide quality products with the above specifications.

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