Best Heat Press Machines Review for T-shirt Business

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There are numerous varieties of heat presses in the marketplace ranging from the business to hobby machines. Amongst the varieties of these machines, the one that came onto the scene recently was the Hotronix heat press (popularly known as IQ Fusion Heat Press Machine). It is considered by many on the T-shirt professional blog as one of the most effective heat press machines that are perfect for the t-shirt business. So, if you are looking at utilizing a heat press machine for your business, this article will talk about the Hotronix heat press machine and why it is considered the best choice.


From our research, we got to find out that Colman & Company is the best heat press machine company for support and service. The reason is that they offer the best prices and machines features. You can get a heat press machine as low as $395, while the ones specially designed for commercial businesses start at $1000. All these prices are low and affordable. Regardless of the business you are planning to engage in, whether it is for personal usage, small-scale business, or a large one, they can easily be afforded.

Best Heat Press Machine for Versatility

This variety of machine allows you to utilize many mediums including rhinestones, vinyl transfers, DTG thereby giving you the ability to provide your customers with a diverse range of options through the use of one machine. Even if you use the vinyl for your first operation, you can easily add the rhinestones component later on. With this, no need to purchase another machine and learn the operations. The fact that you can perform many operations on a single machine gives you an edge over the other business competitors.

Compact Heat Press Machines

In this category, both the Hotronix heat press machines and the Colman Heat Press brand have small space and can fit comfortably into any desk space. This implies you can start a custom apparel operation in your garage or home office. In addition, the heat press machines offer you the chance to perform the operation on a go and at the same time allows you to attend trade shows and other sporting activities. Another upside is that you can add another unit to your business with ease. You can also decide to set the heat presses right next to the other one. Same also applies for the swing-away variety.

Threadability / Usability of the Heat Press

One of the essential features of a heat press machine is the unit that allows you to position the blank item for proper heat circulation. It is known as threadability, and the heat press machine that is perfectly suited for that is the Fusion IQ. It features a special pull out mechanism which offers more usability purpose. Good threadbility also offers you the chance to set the clothing material on the platen as well as to remove it from the platen. This threadbility feature allows you to heat press onto both edges of the garment without any distortion or the penetration of the rhinestone glue.


Colman & Company always set up their customers for success. They ensure that every machine passes through an intense test before sale. Each person knows about the intricacies of the machine. And they made available loads of educational videos, support staff, and webinars to aid the operation.

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