Best Truck Tool Boxes Review – Choosing the Right One

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Due to the utilitarian feature of pickup trucks, many people now use the vehicles especially those who work with machinery or tools. You can further boost your trusty truck with the addition of truck accessories to solve major problems such as lack of storage. One of the most practical and feasible solutions is the truck bed tool box, which is considered by many pickup truck owners as an essential tool. This will turn out to be a huge investment as it offers a storage unit to keep tools and other items used mainly by tradesmen and contractors.

One major reason to purchase a good toolbox specially designed for pickup trucks is to keep your equipment and other tools. In addition, there is an extra space available at the back of your truck utilized for a single purpose – to protect any item that you put inside. These boxes are strong and robust, and even though they usually come in large sizes, they still have enough space left on the truck bed. In this article, we will provide the information that will help you select the ideal choice for your truck in order to get the full value for your money.

Toolbox Designs

By knowing more about the different toolbox styles is always beneficial in making an informed buying decision. Asides the design style, another important feature to consider is the material used to create the toolbox. You may decide to opt for a side mounted toolbox rather than the cross bed tool box or the sliding toolbox. The style influences the way the boxes are attached. Check these popular varieties of truck bed toolboxes before you make your purchase.

Side Toolbox: The box features the side rail which doesn’t reach the floor level thereby providing more spaces underneath the long boards or other items that need to support the full length of the truck bed. The design allows you to easily access your equipment and other tools while you stay in a standing posture beside the pickup.

Hitch Toolbox: This variety is suitable for trucks that come with trailer posts, and another feature is that they have more portability compared to other types. The hitch attached to the toolbox enables you to utilize the entire truck bed to transport other materials, supplies, and equipment. The main disadvantage of this variety of toolbox is that it is quite difficult to transport a trailer with it due to the fact that it uses the hitch.

Cross Bed Toolbox: This toolbox is popularly known as a saddle box. It is set behind the cab, with various supports positioned at the sides of the truck, leaving behind spaces required for additional storage for keeping other essential items. Saddle toolboxes have a wider space as applicable to other truck beds and can conveniently fit into different areas.

Tailgate Toolbox: This is simply a tool attached to the tailgate and it helps provide access to the contents of the toolbox.

Sliding Toolbox: This particular model allows you to slide this box along the rails thereby giving you more control over the truck bed. In order to create more space in the back, slide the toolbox in the forward direction or slide it in the backward direction to effectively secure huge items in the truck beds.

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