Nearshore developers make online learning more intuitive

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This website,, lists out the latest and greatest online learning tools and resources. We’ve really gone out of our way to present all this information to you because we are passionate about helping you learn more optimally.

With that said, our review of online learning platforms highlights a key center point: intuition is key. If you’re trying to learn anything online, you need the right technology because you need to be presented the right information at the right time for you to produce the right results. This is quite a bit of a challenge because a lot of online learning platforms use the wrong software.

If you are thinking of teaching anybody online, it’s probably a good idea to get the right instructional software. Different people learn in different ways. Some people are visual. Others like to hear stuff. Even others like to feel things. You have to accommodate for this. You have to account for this difference.

Moreover, people learn at different speeds. The right software would be able to seamlessly and easily handle all these differences so people get just the right information at the right time packaged in the right way, so they can learn new concepts the right way.

Understanding the need for this type of software is one thing; coming up with software that actually works is another. This is where outsourcing comes in.

Most American companies, and I’m not just talking about companies based in Silicon Valley, are pretty much die-hard outsourcing fans. It’s very rare for smaller companies to have their own in-house coding team. Generally speaking, there would be only one person there who knows how to code, and everything else is outsourced.
Indeed, the typical Silicon Valley startup is comprised of just one tech person-the person who designed the software infrastructure of the company’s main product. Now, this doesn’t mean the person knows the ins and outs of coding. In most cases, the person is quite clueless about coding. Instead, he or she just has a tremendous ‘product sense’-an idea regarding what the product should do, how it should work, and how it could be scaled. Everything else-from prototyping, debugging, to fleshing out the software altogether is outsourced.
For the most part, this set up is quite useful and efficient. Small startups living hand to mouth can scarcely afford to spend top dollar on a large inhouse staff of coders. Another reason why this type of arrangement can be quite costly is the potential for creative differences and personality clashes. Don’t underestimate this cost. Oftentimes, the only thing that separates a breakout company from one that remains small and continues to struggle is the cohesion level of their team.

The story changes once the company gets really big. At a certain point, Facebook may need to start hiring its own engineers instead of outsourcing development work. The same applies to companies and websites putting up online learning resources. They would outsource a lot first.

This is going to be a problem because if you are outsourcing to the other side of the planet, then software development as well as web development is going to be

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