Red Vein Bali – Examining a Different Breed

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Amongst all varieties of kratom, Red vein kratom is one of the most popular and it is for a good reason. This vein type comes with strains coupled with different varieties of medicinal and other non-medicinal effects. The main benefit of this variety of Kratom Crazy red Bali is its ability to effectively relieve pain, but asides this, it offers relaxing and sedating effects.

Due to these features, this variety is popular among those looking to relieve pain as well as those dealing with hypertension and high pressure; due to its relaxing and sedative qualities, this variety will work at optimal level when used at evenings and nights.

Red veins varieties is common to all strains of kratom: Indo, Borneo, Thai as well as Malaysian. Due to its popular demand, its abundant harvest and the fact that it is common in wild areas, this vein variety of kratom is considered as one of the commonly grown vein types and therefore has abundance of harvests.


As highlighted above, red vein kratom main function are as follows; sedation, pain relief and relaxation effect. Although most of the strains have these features, this does not imply that all reds will have a substantial amount of these features; some unique stains like the red vein thai, offers a stimulating effect.

The most popular characteristics and effects of a red vein strain are as follows:

  • Pain Relief
  • Anti-Anxiety
  • Opiate W/D Relief
  • Sedation
  • Positive Mood and Improved mental state

Pain Relief

The main advantage of this variety of kratom is its pain relieving feature. Perusing through various user reports, most people using this plant for pain relief is either using a green or red variety. Although we have green vein strains with substantial pain relief effects, particularly the Borneo Indo, Bali and Maeng da, the red-veined varieties are more effective in this aspect due to the fact that the leaf has quality features.

Although the research on kratom alkaloids in regards to vein color has not yet been certified, the research data provided by Becket AH, Et al., come with unfounded evidence to authenticate the contents of the red vein strains. It reveals that this product is lower in mitragynine content, and has a higher content of 7-OH-mitragynine, popularly referred as kratom’s primary pain killing alkaloid; this research tends to support the belief of its users.

Due to loads of anecdotal evidence, including some limited scientific research, anyone who desires to utilize this product for pain relief should first opt for a strain such as Red Vein Indo Kratom, or Red Vein Borneo – due to the fact that they have a high analgesic effects.

Relaxation and Sedation

The sedation and relaxation effects of kratom can be beneficial in the night period, but can also influence your activities during a busy day and it will be of great benefit to those whose body reacts to the sedating effects of kratom or those who are always busy and occupied for the majority part of the day. Due to this reason, those without debilitating pain or any distraction are advised to use products with less sedating pains during the day in order to get the full benefit of this plant. Endeavor to follow this guideline to get the best use.

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