Ultimate Guide to the Best Embroidery Machine Reviews

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The fact is that it is quite difficult to search for the best embroidery machine. You have probably gone through some embroidery machine reviews and checked numerous websites before you finally got this one. And even asides that, you have not yet decided on which one to choose between the Singer and the Brother Embroidery Machine due to the similar features between them.

You have no reason to worry because we are here to help you make the right choice, and as a result, we have compiled this article and also carefully considered the best embroidery machine that is available on the marketplace today.

Check out our top 10 best embroidery machines which include the best embroidery machine for different categories such as beginners, home use, small business etc. We also came up with the best amongst the rest of them, the best brother embroidery machine. I hope you are ready to join us as we take you through the world of embroidery machine.

Brother PE 770 Embroidery Machine

I consider the Brother PE770 as the best amongst the various computerized embroidery machine. Asides that it is the best Brother sewing machine, it has the best sale amongst the other Brother embroidery machine on the marketplace today. In short, it caters for all sorts of sewing operations.

This Brother sewing machine can conveniently create a diverse range of amazing designs, even without the need to upgrade the Brother PE770 software.  Nevertheless, if you are willing to look for other designs, you can connect your USB and download till you are satisfied.

In addition, Brother PE770 tutorials are available on the internet, to assist you with the step-by-step processes, and to also get embroidering task quickly and easily. However, this machine requires a bit of learning, patience, and effort before you can master it, but the fact still remains that it will later turn out to be a huge investment. Another added feature is that it comes with loads of great Brother PE770 reviews.

Although this machine is categorized as the best embroidery machine for starters, it is also referred to as the best commercial embroidery machine suitable for small business and it is the cheapest commercial embroidery machine amongst others.


Brother PE 770 Embroidery Machine features a huge 5×7′ embroidery field, which will help you to maneuver around larger fabrics like jackets, home decor, etc with ease. It is pre-designed with an inbuilt USB port, memory, various design patterns as well as lettering fonts. Asides this, the machine is embedded with an automatic needle threader, LCD Display screen, simple design features, and quickset bobbing. This is an amazing piece of equipment and it has a high ranking on Brother PE770 reviews as analyzed by satisfied customers.


  • Come top as the Best-selling sewing machine
  • Rated as the best embroidery machine
  • Comes top on the list of Best sewing machines 2018
  • Rated as Consumers Best Purchase on Amazon
  • Best Starter Embroidery Machine
  • Comes with different programmable features
  • Specialized embroidery-only machine
  • Best embroidery machine all forms of fabrics
  • Large-sized Brother PE770 computerized embroidery machine that features 5 x 7″ hoop size
  • Easy to download Brother PE770 designs and fonts
  • Has a moderately priced rate compared to others
  • Has a 25 years limited warranty


Requires a bit of hard work and effort to learn all the screen commands.

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